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No more monotonous routine. Here every workout is different from the previous ones, so it will be more motivating. This way the body doesn't get used to the training routine and each workout will be a new challenge.

We train movements, not muscle groups. Crossfit spaces do not have the weight machines that we traditionally see in gyms. The human body evolved to be used as a whole, and that is what we train for.

The quality of training is measured by the intensity at which we can execute the movements. Here it is not possible to go to the gym and read the newspaper...

WE DON'T: stationary bicycles, conveyor belts, television...

WHAT WE HAVE: Your own body, medicine balls, rings, fixed bar, ropes, kettlebells, bars, bumper bars...



The CrossFit class par excellence, every day we train something new! Group class intended for all practitioners where we always do a W.O.D. (Workout of the day). Always constantly varied, with functional movements and relatively high intensity.


It is the latest trend in the fitness market that is attracting CrossFit and OCR athletes in one race. In these classes we develop metabolic conditioning, use mainly body weight, ergometers and light loads.


A class in which we develop strength in a more specific way than in a WOD. Intended for students who want to develop their levels of technique, strength, and muscular hypertrophy. The class is organized in different phases: 1st Olympic lifts, 2nd strength development, 3rd auxiliary strength work. The student knows the planning in advance unlike WOD.


Aulas para os mais novos, desde os 10 aos 17 anos. São baseadas em jogos, quer infantis, quer tradicionais, quer desafios mais exigentes. Pretendemos desenvolver a motricidade destas crianças sem expor às intensidades a que os adultos são sujeitos.


Individual class in which the practitioner chooses to perform the WOD or do a more targeted training to their specific needs. We recommend this class only for students with autonomy and training experience.


Class exclusively for women! In this class the exercises and methods are specific to the characteristics and goals of women! The music is different, the exercises are different, and the methods are different.


Group class for practitioners who want to develop mobility and improve postures and muscle strengthening (Core).


Body weight class, using elements from calisthenics, yoga, capoeira, break dance, circus arts, and movements that imitate certain animals.


Individualized training session, being in accordance with your goals. Training accompanied by the personal trainer, always allowing for the correction of movements. Faster results.


Advanced classes with a higher demand than the usual WODs. Intended for more experienced and autonomous students. Classes generally held in an Open Box environment and on Saturdays when the entire Chalk&Iron team meets.





Industrial Area of Taboeira | TABPARK Lot 27, Fracção A2 | 3800-055 Aveiro

40.6475651, -8.6068466

By Bosch Car Service
3min walk from the Retail Park
5min walk from Decathlon
Close to the A25

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Juvenal Fernandes


Hello, my name is Juvenal Fernandes.
From a young age I knew I wanted to be a coach and live in the sports world, it never occurred to me to be anything else!!!
Together with José Pedro I am the owner of CrossFit Aveiro, a project that we have been passionate about since the beginning. Since 2013 that CrossFit Aveiro has evolved in an amazing way and is undoubtedly something that marked me deeply on a professional level and much more on a personal level. An ideal day for me undoubtedly includes training at CrossFit Aveiro with the coaches and community of students!
Some of my areas of interest in sports training:
CrossFit (!), Customized Training, Strength&Conditioning, Fitness Assessment, Kettlebells, Nutrition, Weightlifting, Research.
Short resume:
- Master in High Performance Sports Coaching FADEUP
- Degree in Sports and Physical Education FADEUP
- National Director of Post-Graduate CrossTraining (Fitness Academy&ISMAT)
- Professor@Fitness Academy&ISMAT in the Postgraduations: CrossTraining, Integrative, Personal Training & Club Manager.
- 1200h+ as MANZ Trainer in the areas of Personal Training, CrossTraining and HIPT, Physical Evaluation and Bodybuilding & Cardiofitness
- Researcher and collaborator of the FADEUP Athletics Office
- Certified in 3D MAPS Movement Analysis & Performance Systems (Gray Institute®)
- Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level1(IKFF)
- Fitness Consultant
- Certified Personal Trainer (MANZ)

José Pedro Magalhães


My name is José Pedro Magalhães and my main goal is to help people reach their maximum potential of happiness through regular and careful practice of physical activity, nutritional advice, and optimization of a healthy and full life. In CrossFit Aveiro I play several roles such as the general management of the box, support to members and the smooth running of classes. My main areas of expertise are strength training, weight loss and mobility. Summarized Curriculum:
- Master and MBA in Business Management - IESF
- Degree in Sports Science and Physical Education - FCDEF-UP
- CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate Course
- CrossFit Seminar Course Mobility and Gymnastics
- Weightlifting Intensive Course in China
- Traditional Pilates Small and Large Apparatus
- FMS Level 1 and 2
- Eleiko Stregth&Conditioning Coach
- Life Coach We Create
- CrossFit Coach since 2012
- Personal Trainer since 2005
- Professor at the Fitness Academy in CrossTraining and CETs

Patrick Rodrigues


My name is Patrick Rodrigues and I am originally from Switzerland.
Ever since I was a child I was a real monkey. I was fearless climbing trees, jumping up and down walls, if I had to sneak my neighbor's soccer ball, I would go. I rode my bike, skateboarded, scooter, go-karts, sledding, skiing... What was certain was that I never stopped. I wanted to be free.
Today I am a CrossFit enthusiast. Why? It's a fantastic playground! There is no other place where I identify myself more. I have created new friendships, some quite significant, I have changed my diet and finally my whole lifestyle has improved. After more than 4 years of knowing this sport, today I am the person I am, because CrossFit Aveiro made me that way. It has been 3 years since I started this coaching adventure at CrossFit Aveiro and it has been a fantastic journey. I love my job. Together with a fantastic and kind community I can only say that I have the best job ever. I don't even have to count the working hours. Everything I do is with enormous pleasure and love for the shirt! I dedicate myself every day to the community in order to help them develop a better fitness level than yesterday. I focus on the quality of the movements and how the class is developed. Each workout has to represent the best time of the day for my athletes.
I believe that CrossFit brings much more than better physical fitness. I believe that those who come to us will have a much healthier, happier, and more successful life.
To get here I went through a degree in Sports Science, with a specialization in Sports Management at the Sports Faculty of the University of Porto.
After a year I ventured to Lisbon, took a Post-Graduation in Personal Training by Manz at Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa and also worked in several gyms.
I have also obtained a certificate in Functional High Intensity Interval Training from Manz and Level 1 and 2 of the Functional Movement Screen course from Mwove Education.
In the meantime, I returned to the CrossFit Aveiro Box and it was there that, through a unique opportunity, in the right place at the right time, I found my true direction: teaching and sharing my CrossFit experience and the knowledge about Physical Exercise that I had accumulated and developed until then.
I took the CrossFit Trainer Level 1 certification in Madrid and started this adventure that still continues with enormous passion.

Silvina Resende


Hello, my name is Silvina Resende and I am an Exercise Technician and Personal Trainer. Since I can remember I always loved doing sports. In 2013 when I finished high school I entered in Technology and Product Design at the University of Aveiro, at the time it seemed like a good idea because it was a course with many job possibilities. During my academic career I joined a gym as a hobby and my body changed and you can believe that it changed for the better, more strength, more tone and even the damn back pain that tormented me disappeared as if by miracle. With the passage of time and a total change in diet prescribed by a Personal Trainer friend I was able to apply for my first fitness bikini! I was so fascinated by the world of competition that the stage bug settled inside me and never left. For this reason and without hesitation I decided to take the course of Specialist Exercise Technician and Personal Trainer while I was working and yes it was not easy but it was worth it and today I feel really happy and fulfilled. Today I am a Personal Trainer and I work at Crossfit Aveiro where I was welcomed with great affection by all the coaches and I am very proud of the great family that is Crossfit Aveiro.

David Sanchez


Hi, I'm David Sanchez, originally from Venezuela, I have always liked sports and tried several at school such as soccer, futsal, swimming, baseball and basketball.

I trained in gyms since I was 17 years old and this experience awakened in me the dream of being a professional in the Fitness area. I arrived in Portugal in 2013 with the dream of being a Personal Trainer, at first I went through other areas, but I never gave up on my dream.

Between 2018 and 2020 I was able to take the course that allowed me to access the professional license, Specialist Technician in Physical Exercise, and from now on my main goal will focus on empowering, challenging and supporting people to reach their full potential.

At the same time I took the course I started training CrossFit and I loved the sport, I was lucky enough to do my curricular internship here at CrossFit Aveiro and thanks to the effort and willingness to learn more I was lucky enough to join this team of professionals that make me grow even more as a professional and athlete.

My passion is to help people achieve the best version of themselves on a physical, mental and personal level.

Postgraduate Cross Training - Fitness Academy

Some online training from the Fitness Academy school:
Velocity Based Training
Kettlebell Instructor Level 1
Coaching for Personal Trainers
Warm-up for Cross Training Sessions
Preparation for the Movement
Clinical Exercise in the Spine
Level 1 and Level 2 Corrective Exercises

Marine Robba


Hello, my name is Marine Robba and I'm French.

I have a degree in Social Communication and also hold a professional license as an Exercise Technician.

I am a Capoeirista (Graduated) and also do Crossfit - two modalities that allow me to gain strength without losing mobility and flexibility. And I don't give up any of them!

My goal as a sports professional is to be able to help people achieve the best version of themselves, without making exercise a punishment, or food a giant bogeyman, or the judgment of others an absolute truth!

I've been through those phases myself (except for sports, which I've always done and always enjoyed) and I want to empower people of their own potential. I want you to want to love and have your body, wanting none other than yourself!

I also have a post-graduate degree in Cross Training and the Animal Flow Instructor L1 Certificate.

My goal as a CrossFit Aveiro Coach? To be part of the people who brighten your day, who don't let you give up and who look after your safety!

I want them to say, "You made me my biggest fan!